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Meet two friends, Yay and Cat (unrelated to every dog’s greatest foe). Welcome to YNOT.DOG, home of the original “Dog-Speak” apparel.



Yay and Cat both work in the fashion industry and they wanted to start a company that’s LA-based, LA-made and that reflected their personal values.

 As they were brainstorming, Yay’s beloved doggo, a great dane named Fanya, was diagnosed with cancer. Yay wanted to keep Fanya's legacy alive, and it seemed destiny had pointed them in the right direction.

 Since Yay and Cat both care deeply about dogs, they started talking about a familiar phenomenon:

  • Whenever you’re out and about and you run into someone with a dog—why do people talk to the dog before they talk to the owner?
  • (Incidentally, why do people talk to the dogs in a voice like they’re babies? Anyhow.)
  • Why do people leave the interaction with the name of the dog but not the name of the owner?
  • And, more importantly, what would the dog say if they had a chance to speak for themselves?

 So Yay and Cat decided, YNOT solve this conundrum in a lighthearted and quirky way?

 YNOT.DOG is a collection of dog apparel that is easy and ready-to-wear, where your fur friend gets to talk in their very own “Dog-Speak.”

 Now your best friend can do much more than bark and whimper and do all these little cute things. They can go all out and display their big personalities via “Dog-Speak.”

 After talking to so many dog owners, Yay and Cat discovered that if dogs could speak, they would have a lot to say. So much to say… it’s unbelievable!

 YNOT break the ice?

 YNOT create more engagement with your fellow dog-lovers?

 YNOT have a better conversation starter?


 And, while you’re at it, YNOT help out less fortunate pawed friends who are in need of a home or pricey medical care? A portion of our proceeds will go to carefully vetted dog-loving charities and nonprofits that are close to Fanya’s heart.

 This is YNOT.DOG. This is us.